Skype Spam!

Now it happened. I just received my first Skype spam message. Somebody speaking Spanish (I think it was Spanish) sent me a few messages with loads of smilies. I was like… “whadda heck?”

I mean… how did they got my contact details? I know it’s public in the Skype database, but there’s like billion zillion contact details. What kind of spam bot they have that can dig the info, add me as their contact and send me series of messages.

Technically I’m sure it’s doable, but I wonder what Skype company is going to do to prevent this stuff.

Anyone else got attacked by Skype spammers?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I kept getting the “please ad me to your contact list” pop up, even though I had set all my settings to private. Then I realised my other computer running an older version of Skype was not getting these messages. Hmmm.. so I removed the latest skype and installed version Now no more spam!!

  2. Ha! I remember when skype first came out I would actually get spam calls from people on the other side of the world speaking some language I didn’t have a clue about.

  3. completely new contact, and:
    1) first the message appeared
    2) after that, I got info that “this person wants to add me as their contact” (like 4 secs after the #1 message)… of course I declined & closed the screenies.

  4. Does this spam comes from one of your known contacts? Or is it a spam from a completly new contact?
    In msn messenger, you some time get spam(probably malicious) messages from people on your contact list(even though they didn’t really send you that).
    I suppose it is some kind of a virus or malware in your friend’s computer.
    However, in msn messenger you are required to approve any new person that tries to add you as his contact. So I don’k think you can get spam from new contacts. As far as I recall.

    Maybe you need to turn on approval for new contacts in skype?

  5. Its not exactly Spam, but during the three years I use Skype, I got like 4 or 5 “funcalls” from different people. They sad something I couldnt understand and then laugh for 20 seconds before I canceled the connection. With this few number it isnt annoying,yet.

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