Game Producer Chocolate Egg Contest

Guess what’s inside the Chocolade Egg and win an awesome* surprise gift (no, not the gift that was inside the egg). You can guess as many times as you want.

Those who get it right (or close) will get the gift. The contest lasts for about a week and ends on March 9th.

* And by awesome I mean it’s almost as cool as the chocolate egg gift I got.

21 thoughts on “Game Producer Chocolate Egg Contest

  1. Juuso Hietalahti Post author

    Okay, contest ended. Correct answer was ‘Yoda’ (yoda tattoo to be exact :)

    Thanks everybody for participating – was fun to read those guesses.

    => check out the upcoming blog post…

  2. Jake Birkett

    @Juuso: Well if you got Yoda, you’d be like “wtf! that wasn’t a surprise!” And in fact you WOULD be surprised because you didn’t get a mystery surprise :-)

  3. DtD Software

    I’m gonna have to guess another egg, plastic. Then inside that egg is another supprise, a plastic toy of sorts.

    (An educated guess from our friends at Google.)

  4. Juuso Hietalahti Post author

    hObbE: cool to hear what I sound like? Dear god I sound horrible right now but I thought that if I continue speaking English long enough I’ll either (1) get better with it or (2) more likely: can tolerate it better ;)

    Jake: lol. Commenting to this blog is not procrastinating. You gotta do the important first things ;)

    Jake… If it’s “surprise gift inside”, then shouldn’t it be so that “yoda” is the last thing to see inside? ;)

  5. Jake Birkett

    Jabba is in there. Or an Ewok. Or one of those little sand creature things with the hood.

    Hey wait, maybe it has the most obvious thing in it: yoda. As that’s what is shown on the outside.

    btw, I’m not procrastinating, I’m in bed in the hotel right now so this is OK ;-)

    One more guess, a nice broadspectrum one: A spaceship.

    Man this prize better be worth it ;-p

  6. hObbE

    There’s an egg inside the egg… or a chicken.. that seems logical though a bit gross…

    Or an AT-AT walker

    or an inflatable death star

    or the jedi manual to game production

    I could probably go on forever :)

    Actually… it was cool to hear what you sound like juuso… I’m thinking of releasing the source code to TWTPB with an acompanying vid. I guess my Swedish accent will be as cool as your Finnish one :D

  7. Jake Birkett

    Actually I agree with R2D2 but as that has already been taken I now suggest:

    - C3PO
    - A wookie
    - That ice planet yeti creature

    OK I could list more but I don’t wanna hog…


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