Why They Punish Me For Buying Movies?

I recently bought and watched the movie Goodfellas. Watching the movie reminded about one thing about movie copyright text I just don’t get. (Not sure if I’ve mentioned this earlier, but if I have – then perhaps this issue just keeps bugging me). Every time I launch the DVD, it says something about copyrights, and it takes like 30 seconds before I get to the main menu where I can press the Play button. Everytime I want to watch something, they keep me waiting.

If I stop the movie (like… go outdoors or something) and then come back to watch the movie, same thing happens. I’m forced to wait for the copyright whatnot text to be displayed (and in many DVDs they also say how ‘pirating is a crime’…). I bought the darn thing, it’s mine. I legally own it. Why they keep bugging me with this crap? Why there’s no ‘skip’ button so that I could immediately get to the main menu and start watching the movie?

Okay, I can deal with that 30 second waiting – it’s not like I’m in a hurry or something. I simply think it’s bad customer service. How would you feel if every time you went to grocery store and every time you hand over your credit card the clerk would give you 30 second speech about ‘you should not steal from us’. After that he would let you go. Maybe you could tolerate that, but I’d guess you would think it’s pretty stupid practice. I wonder what makes movie makers think it’s okay to do the same for DVDs?

No wonder there’s pirated versions of these movies that have ripped off those ‘piratism is crime’ texts and ensure that you don’t need to wait to watch the movie. We should learn from the pirates. They know how to keep their ‘customers’ happy, but same cannot be said about many movie menu makers.

By the way: just switch the word ‘movie’ with the word ‘video game’ and you can see that this stuff applies to gaming world too.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. This is an excellent point – it is TRULY annoying.

    If I’m right in saying so, this is the only ammo that distributors really have against piracy these days and they’re clinging onto it.

  2. Jake: yeh, never complain on things… unless of course you are right and they are wrong.


    Hakushi: my god, you are a genius!

    Phillip: not mine… but thanks anyway :)

  3. Hi,

    Most of the more recent DVD players have a memory function which remembers which part of the movie you were on when switched it off. This is assuming that nobody else watched a different movie after you did.

    I used to go through the beginning of the movie until I discovered the memory option. Hope this helps.

  4. If anyone is interested in this subject, I recommend the book “The Pirate’s Dilemma” by Matt Mason.

  5. I think this is the biggest problem for mainstream media houses to realize. Don’t make stuff harder for the people that actually pay for your stuff!! There is a huge potential in offering good services coupled to products, but with todays DRM thinking (lock down to one format, one device etc). This is what’s keeping the pirates in business.

    If someone would offer a legal kick ass easy downloading service people would definitely go for it.

  6. Use VLC, you will never see again those warning :D

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