Star Wars Egg Contest Ended, The Correct Answer Was…

Yoda. (Yoda “2-day tattoo” to be exact)

Sargon & Jake got the right answer (or at least close enough), so you guys win a surprise gift. But before I get there, I gotta say that inside that egg was a small Yoda tattoo thing that I could have put in my arm…

…in case there hadn’t been this tiny little ‘accident’.

There was actually several small tattoos (I even tested one Jedi tattoo) but the Yoda tattoo was the coolest, thus I decided that it was the main thing that people would need to guess. I would have sent you winners tattoos, but because either (1) our dogs ate those tattoos or (2) somebody put them in a trashbin – I fortunately cannot show you the Yoda tattoo (nor give you different tattoo as a surprise gifts) since I couldn’t find them from anywhere. Instead, I have come up with a different surprise gift.

For this, I do need your mailing address Sargon & Jake – so please email me and let me know your full street address so that I can mail you the surprise gift.

Thanks everybody for participating!

It’s good to fool around a bit every now and then – I think life it’s not meant to be too serious all the time…

Juuso Hietalahti


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