Questions & Answers About the Insiders Service

I’ve been receiving emails, PMs and forum comments about the Insiders service and I wanted to share the answers here in public too. Those who aren’t familiar with the Insiders service, I’ll just quickly say that it’s a service for game developers & producers who want to make games with zero budget, who want to sell their games & get publicity for their games using the press release service. It’s for developers who want a place to get help in a noise-free environment. (At least that’s what the members are saying – and right now there’s close to 100 members).

Anyway, here’s some questions & answers:

Question: “Where could I find more information about the service?”
I took away the page that contained loads of information about the service (but I intend to make a page with more info in the future). I have done a few sales pitches informative announcements (such as this in the past which you might want to check out). There’s some info about the service.

Question: “I’d like to join, but noticed it was sold out… is there any way I could join”
Some people have asked if they could join, but right now the answer is ‘not right now, but stay tuned’. I’ve said that I took it off the market (and I do my best to actually do what I say so…). There’s an ‘early bird’ list for those who wanna join when the service is available again.

So, I guess the bottom line is that if you want to join the service then subscribe to that list and you’ll be first to hear when the service is available again.

Question: “How much will it cost”
That will be announced closer to the launch of the improved service.

Question: “When will it be available”?
I’m in the process of upgrading the service to better. I’m adding more content and improving the press release service (with better & more reliable email sending & increasing the list size). I’m working on a few (unannounced) things that I want to get done too before the service will be available.

Right now the closest answer I can get is “when it’s done”. Like said above – get on that early bird list and I’ll let you know when we are ready.

Juuso Hietalahti