Online High Scores

I’ve been working on to get Online High Scores to work in the Dead Wake game. Thanks to BlitzMax, getting the program to communicate with the score server is relatively simple. With this you can get player scores, rankings and everything. (Only small con being that my system is not threaded – at least not yet, so there might be a small delay in case the connection doesn’t work).

I’ve added a system where the player can submit scores online, and then he will receive his ranking (and see the names & scores of other players near his ranking). I remember discussing this type of system with somebody, and it already brings some sort of new aspect in the scores.

Now the scores aren’t just local, but you can compete with the rest of the world.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Great idea.
    Highscores like this are very important to game replayability.

    You don’t have to use threads for this. In many cases it’s better idea to use asynchronous (non-blocking) communication. With asynchronous communication you get all the good stuff (gui don’t block, no mutexes, deadlocks and so on…) and you can still code singlethread-style.

  2. Actually, doing a simple http request is quite an easy feat using pure sockets. We have web-enabled scores for most our games. Our platform game – Bloom even features game replays, all via simple http-web server communication.

    Doing stuff like that is great both for developers and users. Users get value competing with each other and developers see that people play the game. Win – win

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