Finally, Somebody Wants to Give Me Million Dollars

I was out of town for the weekend and after getting back, the first email I saw was this spam email:

Hello, my name is Alex Cheng from Hong Kong. I am a credit officer with a finance institution here in Hong Kong. I have a business that I want to offer you. This projects worths Twenty Million Dollars and you will have a 40% share from the total amount.
I will give you the full details in my next e-mail and what I need from you. So if you are interested please contact me back at my personal address (spammy email address) I will be waiting to hear from you. Have a nice day.
Mr. Alex Cheng

Sorry Alex Cheng, but I think I’ll skip the offer this time…

(I wonder if somebody actually believes this crap? I mean, there’s gotta be a reason why we receive this type of junk)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I did start answering back to one years ago. It continued for about 2 months. By then my story got wilder and wilder as more emails were send. By the end I was trying to escape from country because I’ve killed lot of people and still he would try to get my bank details. I did use another email account created for just that purpose. All and all, funny stuff. Boring in long run.

  2. I sometimes feel like just spamming them back giving them fake details etc… if they send me anything, that would be cool :-) I’d ask for a deposit to show they are serious… I just dont have the time for it :-(

  3. Some of the richest people/company in the world believed that Bernard Madoff was able to grow money from tree. So, you see, everything is possible…


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