So, Would You Release Your Game On April Fools Day?

Yesterday I spoke about Deadlines and the fact that I have set up my own game’s deadline for the first of April. This morning I realized something that I didn’t think about few weeks back:

It’s the Aprils Fools Day – I doubt I wanna release my game on that day…

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with releasing on that day, but something tells me that the web will be plastered with all kinds of funky April fool things and whatnot, and I don’t I wanna my game out the very same day.

I’ll take another approach I’ll just move the deadline by some days.

What’s your thought on publishing games on April fools day? Do you think some games could benefit from it?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. The DROD people released their long awaited sequel The City Beneath on april 1st. It was quite funny. People wondering if it really will be released or if it was some kind of joke.

  2. Katherine: I doubt that would give a good impression… I doubt I wanna make people think that my game was a joke ;)

    Steven: yep, sounds sensible.

    I think that Aprils fools day is ok for some game related funny stuff (especially for humorous games), but as for release date – I think it might be missed since there will be developers pushing their Aprils Fools Day stuff on the very same day. (No statistical data on this, just a gut feeling)

  3. Release it on April Fool’s, then if anyone finds a bug on launch you can claim it was a joke ;)

  4. A mind-bending puzzle game, or any game that messes with how the player expects things could be fantastic with April Fool’s Day. However, the key thing here is to include it in your promotional materials and NOT mess up the delivery date. Best bet is to have it ready a month in advance, expect it two or so months in advance after expected possible problem estimations. So, it had better be worth it going that route.

    Or there is always the April Fool’s gags, so long as they are funny and worth going through. What gags depends on the game and demographics. Spoof trailers is one thing that comes to mind.

  5. Well I planned to release my game in April too. And I decided to choose another date because of April Fools.
    Ronin, what kind of stunt could be done to take advantage of April Fools?

  6. If you did an April Fools Day stunt along with the release, it could work in your favor ;)

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