Big Fish Games Affiliate Program Income Got Better For Me (You Have Any Idea Why?)

For the last few days I’ve been receiving bit more bucks from the Big Fish Games, and I don’t have a clue why (I haven’t even promoted the program at all for some time now). It’s not anything too big increase, but worth mentioning. Anyone else experience the same? If so, any idea what’s going on there? (Not that I’d mind getting more bucks in my pockets)

8 thoughts on “Big Fish Games Affiliate Program Income Got Better For Me (You Have Any Idea Why?)

  1. Rajesh

    Hi, I would like to know that to become an affiliate of Bigfishgames, do i need to register a domain name or what is the procedure?

  2. Jake Birkett

    There was a St. Patricks day promotion that should have boost things a bit. Remember though the promotions are only suitable for non-Game Club members (i.e. people buying at full price) and as most sales are via Game Club then maybe the promotions don’t boost that much…

    The recession isn’t affecting BFG in a bad way, we are still growing and the last quarter was the most successful yet.

  3. Juuso Hietalahti Post author

    Yeh, I’ve also heard affiliates reporting slowdone and that’s why I was wondering what was going on. I didn’t know about 50% off thing (what Ezin pointed out), so that might be affecting too..

  4. Steve

    Looking at the top earners it seems everyone is down the past month or so. Could be the recession is going to slow the growth in casual games after all. Good to hear someone is seeing an increase. Last month was about the same as April 08 for me. I saw increases almost every month since they launched the program in 06, and then boom a down month. The GameSpace program got a lot of press when it was first released, now I seldom read anything about it.

  5. Ezin

    Could have something to do with the 50% off thing for the last few days (up to the 17th) I saw linked from Jay Is Games for Big Fish.


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