Here’s an Innovative Game (Now They Just Need to Figure Out How to Monetize It)

Tony from RC Tiger mentioned that they have a pretty innovative gaming idea: remote controlled tanks! I couldn’t make it to test the game today, but I think the idea is really sweet – friends can battle online controlling real (toy) tanks via web.

They are now thinking of monetizing and going with “pay per play” model, but it might not work for so well in a long run – or at least it could need additional ways to monetize. This reminds me about theme parks where you can buy a ticket to try different stuff as many times as you can. You just need to wait in a line. Perhaps they could try something similar: get people in a waiting line, and with a ‘premium ticket’ you get to play faster or something.

Maybe they could help people reserve times to play with the tanks. And maybe they could use various type of advertising (even in the battle field…) – and get direct advertiser deals. They could also try game affiliates for monetizing.

Whatever they decide to do I think one thing is for certain: this is really innovative idea.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Play real! What if we offer players bunch of switches on their interface(through internet, may be) to override several mechanism as to release few sort of real bait (like real carrot to real rabbit) to ‘encourage’ real pet animals to achieve goal (stepping on big yellow button)?

    I knew this is not really practicle, indeed it is risky, and properly would lure bunch of protestors…

    offtopic: If you have the same experience, you might agree with me that our pet do need play(especially cat), and obviously they knew they are playing. As a game maker, I want to admit that I can’t stop to imagine any digital or automated game that we human can offer these playful animal.

  2. I once saw a small toy car you control with a remote, and the remote had an LCD screen that shows what you see from a camera installed on the small car.
    I think its a similar idea.
    Perhaps they can make the player pay for a physical tank unit.
    Though seriously, I start to imagine what it would be like to maintain a 1000 tanks for people who bought them all over the world. That would be insane.
    I would think something like this could only work if you sell the game software bundled with the tank.
    So a kid could go to the store buy the tank and game, and play it in his yard.
    Maybe then they could make events where tank owners compete against each other.
    But I would think it would be a lot of pain to maintain yourself all the tanks you need to satisfy the demand for games.
    But maybe they can pull off something, I have no idea.

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