I Did Something Strange Today (Bought Microsoft Stuff)

I bought Microsoft Office 2007. It was a strange feeling (considering that I was pirating everything that Microsoft offered before the year 2000). I’ve bought Windows XP, Windows Vista, and now I bought Office 2007.

I guess this means that I’m really past the “pirate everything” phase in my life, since in the past I’ve never bought any Microsoft software (besides the operating systems). I have only legal software in my computer, and this has been the case for some years now – but there was still something remarkable about actually purchasing Microsoft products.

Maybe it’s the fact that me and my imaginary friend have thought earlier (maybe unconsciously) that “Microsoft is the evil big company”… and thus buying their programs is almost as supporting satanic forces.

Well, now I bought their stuff. And felt pretty good about it.

Am I a lost soul now after supporting the “evil big corporation”? (Friend of mine commented: “Supporting a software monopoly should be as illegal as piratism”)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I get office for free from my work to use on my home computers but i refuse to install that horrid piece of software. Why whould you ever want MS office?!

    MS does a fair number of apps, and some are really good, like visual studio. But office, it’s not only expensive it also bogs down your computer like you never knew could happen and on top of it all it’s quite useless…

    Google Docs and OpenOffice FTW!

  2. Well that’s cool to because you were not foisting (word of the day) illegal software on your loved ones like a drug pusher ;-p

  3. (Well… to be honest, I lied a bit. I bought it for my wife to use (but nevertheless I bought it ;). She needs it… I still use Open Office… ;)

  4. Microsoft could be evil, but MS Office 2007 is a great product, they made a very good job on that suite of programs.

    But i use google docs ;-)

  5. You are becoming a better person and have done the right thing. Microsoft is righteous, virtuous, and Bill Gates has more goodness in his left pinkie than anyone else has in his or her entire body, so I hate to see any ignorant slander against him. He will have accomplished more good in the world than any of us by the end of the day (charitable donations to many organizations, organizing such organizations through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, working to save much of the continent of Africa, etc).

  6. I try to seperate Microsoft products and the way they go about distributing them.. most of their software is really good, such as Office, Visio or Visual Studio. And if you think about the time those products can save you when you take the time necessary to really master them, it’s not really expensive.

    People who complain about the price should start thinking in terms of their Return of Investment (not only of their money, but also their time and energy). :)

  7. So, you bought a really expensive downgrade of Open Office? I do understand that Microsoft does make good OSs (and gaming consoles), but looking for office software (as well as browsers etc.), there seriously are better options that are more compatible, can export and use more filetypes and are cheaper to the point of being free.

  8. Did you not give pirates a hard time the other day?
    I take it that in that post “your brother” was really your subconscious!

  9. I have only one of my computers installed with Microsoft Office. As a msdn subscriber, I have access to pretty much all their software. Yet, I use Open Office most of the time. It’s not always great for converting from a word or power point document, but for how much I use it, it is more than adequate.

    At work, I use Office 2000 and I’ve been refusing IT’s 2007 update for a few weeks now. Installing 2007 software on a machine built in 2002 seems wrong to me. If I did have it my way, I would use Open Office at work also. I guess my question is, did you really need MS Office, or are you just trying to get some of those karma points back? :)

  10. Have you tried Open Source? Maybe it is not for you. But I like Ubuntu more than Windows.

    I’m using Windows because I’m forced to do so by my boss :)

    But not completely pirate. Windows Vista itself is original (came with the laptop) and I didn’t erase it because it was the full version.

    Now… I have an older laptop that came with Vista Home. Since I paid for that (hidden cost in my laptop) and I didn’t use it (wiped out the hard disk as soon as I got it) am I morally allowed to pirate one microsoft product I will actually use?

    Also, this could be a case where I would really not like supporting the producer. I would really like MS to go bankrupt so that my boss stops bothering me with using microsoft products.

  11. Well were there is a giant in a particular field there are always small companies that make something similar or even free. For example Open Office is a good free alternative for Office.

    Congratulations on becoming pirate free.

  12. We live in a consumerism world, our minds are brainwashed by comercials.
    There is no point fighting it, unless you want to live inside a cave.

  13. This is a tough one…buying Microshaft software is risky business. The last OS I bought was 98, since everything since has been garbage. I have no problem buying software from anybody else, but Microsoft is already rich enough ($350 for an OS is a little extreme).

  14. I have Office 2007 on my PC at work and I am really considering buying it for my own laptop and stationary pc. It’s simply just great and well worth the money considering that the cheapest versions aren’t much more expensive than a new console game (at least in my country).

    And yes, I have tried Open Office but it’s simply not as good as MS Office IMO.

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