Juuso Hietalahti


  1. In the rarely used windows environment there is 2 , I absolute detest cluttered desktops, hell I don’t even have a background just a plain blue screen. My start menu however is organized to the hilt and looks pristine.

    In Ubuntu, where I spend the vast majority of my time there are 4 but that is only because ubuntu creates a desktop icon when it mounts a new drive and I have 4 mounted on bootup, everything else is in the taskbar for quicklaunch or better yet mapped to a shortcut key (ie: ctrl+alt+c for cutehtml)

    There are 10 or so programs that get used daily and they all have shortcut keys, the rest are tucked away nice and neatly in organized menus. I need a spotless desktop or else I start freaking out!

    Also everything else is online and webbased. All my team communication tools are web based, project management is dotProject. So for that I use the firefox addon called ‘speed dial’ for my top 9 sites and then Netvibes to update me on the 600 or so RSS items that interest me every day(gameproducer.net being one of them of course)

  2. LOL no… only 4. :)

    Links to planning mindmap, projects folder, inbox folder and archive folder (backups, notes, papers, college stuff…) :)

  3. I have 2 … the trash can and a file I am currently working on. Do I get a cookie? :)

    Here are some things I use to save a lot of time..

    – I use Launchy to quickly start programs. No icon searching anymore.

    – I seperate programs, project files and reference materials.

    – In my quick launch bar I have a link to the mind map I use to organize goals, projects and tasks. I use XMind for that which lets me link tasks/projects to their corresponding files, folders and/or web links. Saves time usually spent on searching and clicking through folders. Do it once and leverage it!

    – In my quick launch bar I also have links to the projects folder, the reference files folder and the inbox/downloads folder.

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