How to Market (and Sell) Software Online

I’ve got this question from one of you readers:

I have software that I am trying to sell online. How can I market them?

A really, really short answer would be:

  1. Find out what stuff people wanna buy
  2. Learn to promote your product (also use press releases and check out how others are selling their products and learn from them)
  3. Sell the product (use something like Plimus for example to handle sales)

The practical marketing category has plenty of tips for promoting & selling your product. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “How to Market (and Sell) Software Online

  1. Write sales copy for it, or have someone else write it for you.
    Send your perfect prospects there.
    Use their feedback to improve.

    Or, how about finding a limited number of people, give it to them for free, and use their feedback to work out a launch.

  2. 1. Make something you and your friends love (+ is generally remarkable)
    2. Let people participate, inspire their creativity, give them power, help them and love them
    3. Push forward as hell, never give up (love your product)
    (4. Spam all the internet with it – “marketing”)

    A. watch this:
    B. feed on this:

  3. Easier said than done I guess, or we’d all be making millions :)

    My advide is to go out there and get your hands dirty. You can only do so much reading, planning etc. you have to start marketing to learn what works for you and your product ans you have to be ready to change along the way.