Some Good Games Worth Checking Out

Here’s some goodies to check out today.

Mayhem Intergalactic
Genre: Turn-based arcade strategy

PlayDetective: Heartbreakers
Genre: Adventure, Detective, Casual, Simulation

Fishie Fishie
Genre: Arcade – A frantic one button arcade game

Penguins Arena
Genre: First Penguin Shooter

Deep Blue Sea
Genre: Puzzle / Match-3

Perfect Serenity
Genre: Survival Horror

Addictive Football
Genre: Sports

Genre: Action (casual game)

Feyruna – Fairy Forest
Genre: Fantasy

Chasing Tortoise
Genre: Free Web Multiplayer Strategy game

Die in Pain Rest in Peace
Genre: Multiplayer car combat.

Spirit Fever
Genre: Persistent Browser Based, Sport Team Management

Pirate Quest
Genre: Adventure puzzle game

Donk: Samurai Duck
Genre: Puzzle/Action Platforming (2D)

Steam Iron: The Fallen
Genre: RTS (Mobile)

The Tuttles Mapcap Misadventures
Genre: Arcade adventure

Genre: Multiplayer, online game

Genre: Free 2D steampunk MMORPG

Skolo’s Twisting Zone
Genre: Mobile game

Genre: Turn-based tactical gameplay (like Worms and Cannon Fodder)

3 thoughts on “Some Good Games Worth Checking Out

  1. psycho

    I would try a few, if they came one by one such as on, or
    But all at once? No screenshots? Naah, I dont care..


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