Thanks Guys (Anti-Pirate Rewards)

In yesterday’s emails about April Fools Day there was a guy who wrote a letter that needed to be rewarded. These proud developers took action and donated a copy of their game to our anti-pirate.

People: go and buy games from these sites:

(By the way, now the Bounty Hunter site that initiated all this has got more than 600 visits)

Thanks guys.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m glad so many people donated a copy! I have a not on outlook to remind me to send him the game once it’s done.

    BTW> Our name is DtD, not DTD ;)

  2. Cool. I considered a key for one of my games but I thought him being a 16 year-old he might not be into them. But that’s kinda negative thinking I guess. If you still are collecting keys, let me know.

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