Here’s a Cool Map For Game Developers

I just spotted GameDevMap.com. It’s a site that shows where developers and publishers are located in the world. It’s pretty cool because that’s you can clikc something like the publishers link to find game publishers. Too bad there’s no contact info, but it’s still pretty sweet way to gain contact with publisher houses.

Check it out.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. A resource like this is fantastic, but their policy / regulations for what qualifies to be listed misses the mark.

    According to the homepage, they only list companies with teams of 5 or more..

    I’ve already bumped into several local online / mobile gaming companies here that are releasing products with teams of 1-3..

  2. Or you could have read your own forum and the resource thread in the Beginner forum. It’s been there at least since last April.

  3. Why don’t you give credit where you saw it first? i.e. indiegamer forums.

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