From Compatibility Thoughts to Action

I wrote about my experience with Leadwerks and about certain compatibility issues I faced. During this week is has come clear to me that instead of spending too much time on trying to squeeze a square peg in a round hole (“get the new controller physics to work with my barricading as I initially thought”) I’m simply doing a small change in the feature. I spend quite a bit of time trying to deal with the new physics system, but to me it seemed to be too close to the core engine that I should just simply accept the change – and think how I can benefit from this situation.

I took a closer look to my barricade feature, and I think I got a solution that’s maybe as good as what I originally place. It’s bit different from what I originally planned, but at least it seems good enough.

I’ve also asked the players about 2D versus 3D and got some replies that evenly divided between 2D and 3D (plus one third saying “either one is fine”). Although I had spent quite a bit of time trying to “fix” my game code to work with the new engine, and while I even brought 2D option up it is now clear to me that I’ll proceed with 3D.

I’ve decided to get some of the new features done and leave some for later use. I’ll plan to release the version “as soon as possible”, and while I’m not hundred percent sure if 2 weeks is enough, I just might be able to do the release by that time.

I do realize that this new engine version was something I simply had to get to ensure better reach (the earlier version had loads of problems with ATI cards, and I hope that the new version helps to fix at least some of those problems). I think the only way to find out what the compatibility is going to be is to simply to release the game.

After the first release version, I’m quite certain that there will be a need for at least one patch – and how the audience responds depends on how I’ll proceed with the Dead Wake. Right now it seems to be that the 3D version will be out and it will get N number of patches, and after that I’m quite likely to proceed with 2D (either use the existing code for Dead Wake II or do something else).

I was pondering about this issue, and writing things out public certainly got a reaction – and this whole week has really cleared my head. I feel much more positive about this route now and it feels good to me.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Great!

    So you see, even if some of the comments were a bit hard to swallow, they did make senses and they were made by people whom wanted you good.


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