Professional Game Launch Training Videos (Product Launch Formula)

Jeff Walker is a guy behind an information product Product Launch Formula. I’ve seen dozens of all sorts of funky products, and I must say that Jeff’s product is the one I’ve followed most. From that page you can subscribe to his list and get tons of free training/case study videos to help you launch your own game.

Product Launch Formula (or PLF) is used by both small and big companies all over the world. Jeff is going to put PLF on sale tomorrow. Rumor has it that it won’t be available forever (he is selling it a while and then proceeding with the training), and if you happen to think that getting some help for launching your own product is a good idea then go there and watch the videos and check out the material.

I’m a PLF affiliate (and will be offering a bonus for those who enjoy the videos enough to consider a purchase, but more on that tomorrow). Even if you don’t plan to purchase anything, I warmly recommend checking out the material on PLF website. The free stuff alone is really useful for anyone who wishes to get some more sales and make a better product launch.

I’ll put more information about PLF tomorrow. Meanwhile, click here to check out the free videos on Jeff’s website. By subscribing to his mailing list you get instant access to “Product Launch Formula Blueprint” training video plus 3 bonus training videos – all free of charge.

Good stuff.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. This sounds like a very expensive and time-consuming scam to me… there’s just so much marketing-blah-blah beyond that link… it’s trying to make you feel good and important by giving you lots of lists to follow and bulletin points to refer to… well, if someone needs to spend $2000 to learn that there really isn’t an easy formula for success, my condolences…

    and wasn’t this blog about game-development/production once? lately it’s just trying to sell me memberships and stuff…

  2. hobbe: yeh, time/cash solves this, and there most likely will be PLF 3.0 – like next year or so.

    Sargon: “If the formula is so good, it shouldn’t take hours to explain” hehee :D good catch! yeh, flooding you with info that you don’t need indeed counts as spam. It’s a training course with all sorts of stuff in it (I don’t know the exact details, I’ve watched the free videos and read everything about it – and the stuff seems to be good. And the guarantee of course is there to secure people) – so, we are not talking about (only) math…

  3. Juuso, my main complaint was that he is flooding me with information I do not need.
    I don’t want to listen to hours of videos and try to find what is the relevant information for me, and what is just promotion.
    If the formula is so good, it shouldn’t take hours to explain, it should be straight forward and simple.
    If it is actually a mathemtical formula, something like: Number of people in list * Content sales pitch = money, or something like that.
    If it takes hours to understand the basics of the formula, that I am not even sure applies to my situation, then maybe its not for me.

  4. Maybe the post did not come through or it’s in your moderation queue :P

    I’ll be the first to admit that this offer it quite tempting (I guess the course would not be that good if it wasn’t). God knows that I need to improve my sale skills I guess probably most of us do.

    But alas, I don’t have the time nor the cash and I wonder if it applies that well to shareware games. Not that ye ol’ shareware model is the only way to go… just the simplest for an indie… I guess…

    Would be cool to hear if anyone goes for it, and their experiences… I guess there will be a PLF 3.0+ in time :)

  5. “it seems like he is giving content just to prepare me to be his client.”
    Yeh, that’s the idea. It’s no wonder we game developers are using “free trial download” ;)

    Anyway, check out the stuff and… make up your own mind. I admit there’s quite a bit of selling/promoting stuff going on, and… just make up your own mind. :)

    Just wrote another post with some fluffy sales talk… anyway, check out the sales page and do as you see fit. ;)

    I’m offering free lifetime Insiders membership for those who join the program through my affiliate link, so that alone is a reason to join the program – right? :)

    ps. hobbe… couldn’t spot that comment, gimme link :)

  6. Sent one of my emails and checked the vids. Some interesting stuff, but a lot of “fluffy” sales talk and thus it takes a lot of time. I get a “snake oil” feeling from this and personally I’m a bit sick of all these video sales pitches and then there is the price of $2000…

    The interesting part is mostly to extrapolate what is said/explained in the vids and on how you have developed your business Juuso.

    P.S. please delete my last comment, for some reason the form was auto completed using some silly name etc. :p

  7. Hmm, why do I need to listen to videos that are not the real thing?
    I want to know what is the formula, and it seems like he is giving content just to prepare me to be his client.

  8. That’s totally cool. (The email is used to send you those case studies (and of course sales pitch about the product), and you can unsubscribe by clicking on any email you get from him. Never got any spam from this guy…)

  9. Well, I’m not going to sell my email to somebody that is hiding all the information just to get my email.

  10. I own the first version of that course, it’s really good but a lot of stuff to learn.

    There’s your social proof, Juuso. ;)

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