Hi, My Name Is Juuso And I’m a Recovering Domain Name Addict

You know what’s stupid? Spending like $400 yearly on domain names you don’t use. I got all sorts of gaming ideas, good gaming domain names and whatever in my account. And, I like use 5% of them. This all started when I started writing games stuff online, so clearly gaming must be evil.

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9 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is Juuso And I’m a Recovering Domain Name Addict

  1. Better than cigarettes or booze I would say.. at least they are assets. :p

  2. @Marcin & Jake: That sounds reasonable.

    Now, if only I would listen to reasonin… :)

  3. Heh, I hear you on that. I grab a domain every time I think of something interesting. At $10/year I can’t complain too much.

  4. I am, and I’m trying to sell them so I can spend the money on GAMES -.-, so im a domain and game addict.

  5. tip: Don’t register the domain until you have fleshed out a full business plan. Focus is key in success…

  6. Yeah, I tend to register things I never get around to using =/

    …but not $400 worth.


  7. A friend of mine is a domain addict. Surprisingly he stopped when I asked him to send the money he wants to spend to my bank account, and gave him the account number. At least I would make sure that this money will be spent well ;).

    Juuso, do you want my bank account number?