Back Pain Is Back

For the last couple of weeks I’ve spent way too much time staring computer screen and way little time… umm… doing something else than staring computer screen. I do exercise regularly but still the upper part of my back is not feeling good at the moment (well, it feels little bit better than couple of days ago – since I reminded myself to take bit of breaks and do some other stuff than sitting & typing).

Note to self: stretching and taking breaks is you know… a good idea.

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. After long session, just got neck pain, but only if i stay more than 10h without pauses.

    My back is ok, but i’m still young, and i got 5 massage per year (cover 80% by my company) which is a great help.

    So far just my elbow causes me chronic pain, i tried a lot of position, mouse, mouse pad, chair height, etc, … But i guess it’s just spending 12h+ per day on a computer that causes that :p

  2. I had some trouble when I was younger but I’m mostly very good now, maybe I spent more time on the PC back then but I also had worse posture and exercised less…

  3. Sometimes back pain (especially in lower back) is caused just by too much sitting. Legs are always bent forward and they make the hip area tense. After figuring that out I cured my back completely by stretching my legs for a week. :)

  4. Yeh, ergonomics… and also exercising & taking time off. And I suppose genes (=how is your back/neck area). All add up… :)

  5. I had my laptop on a pretty low desk for a few days till I got a neck pain. Putting some box between laptop and desk solved the problem. Its all about ergonomics I guess.

  6. I had the same problems for too long. Lately I’ve been using a ‘standing’ desk while I work. Its really made a huge difference. I keep a stool nearby to use when my feet get tired, but I try to keep my sitting time to a minimum. No more back problems.

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