Levels Gaming Event On Jyvaskyla, Finland (25th – 26th)

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Levels JKL event. The event is mainly about board and video games. I know this site’s audience is mostly non-Finnish guys but I just wanted to bring this up. In case somebody wants to meet there, let me know. Would be fun to meet fellow developers, especially since the events here in Finland are quite scarce. (Please feel free to email me in case you are coming, so we might be able to arrange some sort of gathering there.)

The Levels Jyvaskyla event (conference or what you call it) lasts 2 days and the program is available on their website. I’ll be checking out at least presentation by Eero Tuovinen (this guy is a genius in game design) at 10:40 and Petri’s Crayon Deluxe presentation (awesome I’d expect) at 15:30 so in case somebody is attending, you can spot me from there (I look like this).

The second day program didn’t look so interesting to me, so I’m attending just the first day on Saturday. I’ll see if I manage to record or write down something useful and tell about the event here in my blog next week.

In case you happen to be near Jyvaskyla, then join the event. It’s free.

Juuso Hietalahti