“If You Wanna Get Experience Making Games, Make Games”

The first Levels event day (and the last for me this year) is over and there were some pretty good stuff I thought might be worth sharing.

Eero Tuovinen had a nice lesson about ethics in game design, and I took some notes from there. One especially striking idea was when Eero said that “Designing an addictive game is easy. But is that what we should strive to do? Should game designers just try to invent something addictive – and then we could say to them: ‘congratulations, you’ve just invented a new drug’ (he was also making points about World of Warcraft addictions…)”. I’ll email Eero more about this – I wanna read more about the dark side!

Petri’s (Kloonigames) presentation about game prototyping (I think he did the same presentation in GDC by the way) was really well done, and inspiring. What strike me most how huge impact prototyping has been to Petri’s life (dropped school since he needed time to make games… nowadays makes games for living – ask Petri for more info). He said that “If you wanna get good in making games, then make games (aka prototype a lot)”.

I think that’s really simple piece of advice, but truly worth gold – and I think it goes beyond video game prototyping. Even if you design and produce video games, it can be really inspiring and fresh to make game prototypes with cards and (other) board games pieces. Or pen & paper RPG protos. Or party games, or anything goes.

Really inspiring day. I won’t attend tomorrow, but these attending these types of events (even small ones) remind me why it’s good to attend to these events. You meet guys, you learn new stuff, you learn old stuff, you get reminded about stuff, you get to talk interesting stuff – and eventually you also pick some nuggets of wisdom with you, and perhaps it helps you to get better stuff done.

Attending these events also reminds me about one other thing: man I suck at taking photos. Just look at these 2 horrible photos of Little Big Planet.

Just horrible.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yep I alluded to this with a post a while ago called “A simple exercise to get better at press ups…” and the answer was of course, “do more press ups”.

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