Uh… Is This Like… Normal?

I had this conversation (very witty dVyper, very witty :) online chat today. It went somewhat like this:

He: “Hi, how’s it going? lol”

Me: “heh :)”

He: “(:”

Me: “XD”

He: “:D”

Me: “rofl”

He: “w00t!”

Me: “We are having a nice conversation here.”

He: “lol”

Where the hell is humanity heading to?

11 thoughts on “Uh… Is This Like… Normal?

  1. Laughter and smiles. Laughter and smiles.

  2. very funny, very funny dVyper. :) thanks to you I now edited it my blog post.

    I so hope somebody would lock this blog post commenting. Asap… ;)

  3. Temposaur, you sly fox you :)

    lol kbye

  4. Worse than typing lol is using it in actual conversation :@

  5. oh hai, can i has a cheezeburger no? kthxbai

  6. I never type … that. I substitute ha, or haha in it’s place. But typically only when I; at the bear minimum, chuckle. Otherwise, I do laugh.

  7. Scurvy Lobster


  8. How often do people type lol when they have not actually laughed out loud?