BAT Files Rock (Info For Beginners)

I’ve been working on my Dead Wake zombie game and things are going really nicely. I think I need “bit more time” to finish things up, but so far all the new stuff is coming together pretty nicely.

While I was messing with the assets, I accidentally thought a nice way to automate copying & zipping stuff. (I know this is pretty beginner stuff, but you gotta start somewhere.) By using BAT files, one can do pretty neat stuff such as ZIP stuff (7zip), then REN (rename .zip to .pak), then use xcopy… and suddenly you can have asset upgrading all done automatically.

Explained this same stuff in this video: (after finding this awesome grain filter I just had to create this)

(That facial expression was purely accidental – nicely picked YouTube!)

BAT files are good for automating stuff.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Oh yeah classic face btw. I guess it’s you mid expression really but it looks like you are trying to be tough like someone on the cover of a Euro Death Metal band :-D

  2. That’s what professionals call a “script”. Windows is only a few decades behind the command line power of unixoid OSs, bat hey, you’ve got to start somewhere :)

  3. I never thought of using python scripts, might have to look into that!

    At any rate; while I agree BAT files do indeed rock, they do so at a level much lower than the face (of yours) that you tube chose to display. ha!

  4. Yeah I wrote some bat files using 7zip for my Accountants in order to compress their data and put it on a memstick as a single file (you know how slow memsticks are with single files). 7zip is cool because it has command line params.

  5. haha Great combination of BAT files and grainy filter. yep BAT is really great for this kinda stuff, I personally use python scripts for this type of jobs as it’s crossplatform.

  6. There’s also a handy command line driven app that ships with windows that will ftp your assets to an ftp server. I used .bat files in combination with that ftp program alot to deploy a couple of Java apps I wrote.

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