Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hard to remember what my life was like back in ’97 when they announced this game. :)

    Still, I was always internally rooting for this one to be released. I knew it’d never live up to the hype, but I didn’t want it to become Daikatana 2.0

  2. Awww it’s a marketting ploy. In three years time they’ll put out another trailer and say “tricked you!”

  3. Why are we waiting for DNF?

    Either it’s never going to arrive, or, even if it does, it’ll have so much expected of it, that it’ll flop catastrophically. So many games occupy space in the shooter genre that it simply can’t stand out any more.

  4. The thing that is going on as planned is not the game DNF, it’s a different spin-off of Duke Nukem (there have been several side-projects for handheld consoles and so on). And those were not developed by 3D Realms and thus remain unaffected.

    But I don’t think that DNF will never see the light. Either it’s really only a big joke, or they’ll find some other people who’ll fund it / develop it.

  5. I can’t imagine that it wasn’t close enough to being done that they wouldn’t hand it off to another developer to finish. Since 3D Realms was funding it, the publisher should be able to make a nice profit and we would finally get the game.

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