How Small Stupid Mistakes Can Ruin The Whole Project

Did you watch yesterday’s Finland-USA ice hockey match? We lost 2-3 to USA. Finland was clearly controlling the game and was better team… to the moment when our guys decided to start taking stupid penalties (one ugly boarding which should have been at least 5 minute penalty, got just 2 minute from that, other penalty was because of tripping USA’s goalie (whadda heck?) and then one guy just punched some USA’s player in the face – for absolutely no reason). Maybe they got frustrated because USA’s goalie played excellent match.

Anyway, it took just few stupid mistakes, and in 4 minutes (in which time USA’s score went from 0 to 3) the whole project was ruin. (Of course you can look this from USA’s perspective as well – in just 4 minutes you can take your game to the next level…)

I kind of hope that this wouldn’t apply to game production…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well it happened too in the semifinal game of the Champions League yesterday, an amazing show between Barcelona and Chelsea. I just love how Gus Hiddink (Chelsea’s coach) manage his team, it’s just impressive to see how well he plan his game and stick with his project in a match. It was so well played that Barcelona couldn’t reach the goal in the whole match, I mean, how the hell can you stop the most brutal agressive football team? Chelsea almost did it, the problem is that a lot of factors that you can’t control can happen, in the last minute Barcelona scored. You can control the errors that the referee made, he was ridiculous, if someone saw the match you’ll know what I’m talking about. And you neither can control the skills and power of will from the other team.

    I think that Chelsea didn’t know how to manage the situation minutes before the match finished. They should stayed focus and do not underestimate the potential of their rival. You could have a lot of obstacles in your project, but you must believe in it and stick to it, when necessary you should change a little your plans but always keep in mind what you want at the end.

    You may think a wanted Chelsea to win, I didn’t I was with Barcelona but Chelsea made such a perfect game that I think they deserved to win.

    I hope you get my point :P

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