I was messing around putting mouseX, mouseY and mouseHit info in parameters. Since these words were reserved by the programming tool, I thought to just drop one letter from each. mousX and mousY were fine for alternatives for variable names since I couldn’t use mouseX and mouseY. After that, I accidentally wrote moushit (instead of mousHit), which kind of sounds something else than “mouse” and “hit” together.

This reminded me that It’s pretty easy to get yourself into trouble when coming up with names.

In variable naming it might not be too big of a deal, but too bad if this occurs when naming children, or when launching new companies or software or simply when coming up with a game name. Well, I suppose (mou)shit just happens.

You don’t by any chance know any mou-shitty company names?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Sargon, yeh… true :)

    Heh, Stoper: I’ve seen some of those earlier. Good ones!

  2. There was a website selling pens named penisland. but it might have been their marketing strategy I quess :P

    Some problems with names of products in foreign countries:
    Osram GmbH (lightbulb company) – where “osram” in polish language means “I’m gonna take a sh** (on something)”, or “I won’t give a sh** (about something)” :D

    As for the rest I’m not sure if they are true, cause I don’t speak those languages:
    Mitsubishi Pajero – where “pajero” is “wanker” in spanish
    Toyota MR2 – where in french you read it like “Toyota est merde”, which means, “Toyota is sh**/filthy”
    I also heard about cars named “nova”, that sold badly in Spain, cause it supposed to mean “no go”, but it turned out to be a myth :P

  3. A simple solution:
    Just make a sturct called MouseControls, and inside it put X, Y and Hit.

  4. @Jake: Even I think I got that :P

    @Eli: Hehee. As long as you stay away from stuff like Javascript or HTML (where anybody can read the variable names by visiting a page ;) – and code alone – you should be fine…

  5. What exceptional accidents; I find myself constantly ending variables; whom I suspect I’ll only be using once, with suffixes that blend both just weird vowel sounds and curse words in new and exciting ways. I have this fear that one day, my variable names will matter and get me in some form of major trouble.

    We shall see.

    Also, as a side note, I feel naming a game Mous(hit) might be the perfect thing to do. haha…

  6. When I made stock control/accounting systems the database had a table of countries called AL_Count.db. Try saying a shortened version of “Countries” with the same pronunciation…

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