Mini-game #2: So, We Made This Multiplayer Mini Game (“Brainless Zombie Shooting” Download Awaits)

Brainless Zombie Shooting minigame: downloadinfo page.

Okay, bit over a week ago I said that I’d be taking each week a bit of time and mess around with prototypes. I wanted to check out what could it mean to get multiplayer system in Dead Wake (which is getting closer and closer to the actual release by the way) so I thought I might as well do a brief prototype around it.

This time I got help from an artist who spent couple of hours for testing the art (thanks Perttu) and spend around 6 hours in programming and coding and testing and communicating. I must say that “2 hour prototype’s” development time can easily be get longer when there’s (1) more than one guy doing stuff (we needed to communicate stuff with the artist) and (2) due multiplayer stuff.

Anyway, here’s a very brief youtube video (thanks Robert for playtesting) about the mini game:

I know the screen is pretty dark… hopefully not too dark though

It’s probably filled with bugs (and the client probably has quite a bit of problems), but overall it’s still works decently, so I’m happy about this. I’d say that at this point I won’t be trying to do more work to get multiplayer mode for Dead Wake before I get the other features out but now I got my weekly (last week’s) prototype out – and also got info about what it could mean to do multiplayer mode in BlitzMax.

It’s pretty cool to take breaks and see what sort of stuff you can get done with very limited time.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. EVargas: well, lag happens everywhere in the net – whether UDP or not. “different game” happens due UDP and how it was used (well, and of course lag affects it). The most visible thing is the fact that zomb deaths might have been missed (since … for this game I had to cut some corners :))

    Score was synced everytime when a kill occurs so yeh, it should keep fine most of the time (only small delays perhaps).

  2. The 140 chars long post on twitter didn’t let me tell you very well how I felt the game :P The connection was ok, I mean there was no lag (well just a lil bit but that’s because of my network that is really bad and maybe because u made it UDP if I’m right).

    Another thing is that we both (friend and I) seem to be playing a different game. In my screen he was aiming somewhere I didn’t see any zombies so he didn’t help me at all haha. And in his screen the same thing happened. But the score was ok, it was increasing if zombies didn’t reach the left side.

  3. Evargas: cool. was there any problems with the connections or anything?

    Eli: I’ll keep doing them as long as it seems fun to do :)

  4. Haha, sir I hope you keep up the prototyping even when you’ve completed your opus.

  5. Well, this thing is (kind of) fun to play for 2 minutes if there’s 2 guys. Otherwise it’s real waste of time in a bad sense ;)

    But anyway, it was good thing to see how UDP stuff work on blitzmax for me, and there was something a bit addictive in that minigame… so I’m fine.

  6. Looks like a solid waste of some time – and you seem to have learned a fair bit; good stuff. (Also, glad to hear Dead Wake is approaching, and not a myth. haha)

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