Bookdepository (UK) Just Become My Number #1 Place to Order Books

Bookdepository have added possibility to use Paypal. I’ve been using and (can’t never tell how much things cost at Amazon), and (good stuff, not so many books though) but now just got better. Paypal is very easy way to make payments. So buying (game dev) books just become one step better.

I don’t know why exactly I prefer Paypal over Credit card… perhaps for the same reason I prefer tea over coffee. Dunno.

Anyway – it’s nice that they decided to get Paypal there.

Hint for developer: consider adding Paypal option also for your game’s store…

2 thoughts on “Bookdepository (UK) Just Become My Number #1 Place to Order Books

  1. Ben

    Hi Juuso,

    I’ve always had pretty good luck with Abebooks – so that’s another one to check if you’re looking for a good deal. I managed to save £100 compared to Amazon on a rare book (£40 – bargain!!!) about game scripting engines and virtual machines


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