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  1. Im a mix:
    i want casual player and indie players, so my tech is 3D that works with low specs machines.

  2. Katherine, sorry if I offended you with my typo. See, sometimes I type faster than my my brain processes and I end up putting apostrophes where they don’t belong. I assure you it wasn’t an attempt to offend your grammatical sensibilities. In the future I’ll try to be more careful and scrutinize every jot and tittle so it passes your inspection.

    Sincerely yours, Keith Weatherby II

  3. I voted casual because I’m a casual game developer. But I can’t be more indie. I work fulltime on Ovogame and this is my only income. I work from a small room in my home and make all the decisions. Still some so called “indie” do not consider me indie because I create casual games. Personally, I can’t care less about this. I consider myself “just” a game developer, it doesn’t mater if I work for a AAA company or from my home (I’ve done both). Casual & Indie are the 2 over used words in the game industry. They are both so much used that they don’t mean anything anymore.



  4. I voted indie, for sure. But it WAS interesting to see which way it would swing, based simply off of two words.

  5. I first thought to ask whether you guys consider yourself as indie developer versus casual developer, but realized I could just drop the “developer” part and see how people reply. Then I thought to add 3rd option “both” and also thought to explain more what the vote is about…

    …until I thought that I let you guys think what is mean on your own. My goal was to spark some discussion. :)

    I think it’s quite interesting (maybe bit warming perhaps? ;) that 80% voted indie when given the 2 choices.

  6. Are you asking which we prefer or which we are, or which we do not prefer? :P

    I like both, if I cannot pause a game or at least step away with few consequences then I can’t play it these days. So I must be casual. Indie overlaps this genre but not completely, so I cannot play all of them. But I like Indie games. I wanted to vote both but that was not an option, so I didn’t.

    And Keith, the plural of “genre” is not “genre’s”, it is “genres”.

  7. I didn’t vote. Those aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. You can be both Indie and casual or non-indie and casual.

    Regardless of the debates, independent means independent of external influence. For instance, a publisher. Usually non-indie companies have to answer to some other company that owns it. Indies have only themselves to answer for. Casual is more of a type of game, and even that isn’t really a genre since you can have casual versions of a lot of different genres. And some genre’s are exclusively casual.

  8. This vote is excellent. There isn’t really One Truth to this and it got me thinking about a lot of funny things. I really should vote for both…

    I have bought maybe 20 non-AAA games in the last few years. About half are “indie” (or non-casual) and half are true casual games. Still I voted Indie.

    I have recently been an employee at an independent game developer – making casual games. And still I voted Indie.

    Indie and Casual are really parts of the same in many ways. And yep, I voted indie.


  9. I can’t vote cause I have no experience in any of them and I love both casual and indie games.

    I vote for good original games ^^

  10. how do you tell the difference now and days?

    Developers are all screaming “We’re Indy!” almost as it would be an excuse to release shit.

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