Every Game Is Now Only $6.99 at Big Fish Games – Good?

Big Fish Games announced that all of their games are not $6.99 each.

What you guys think of this – good or bad?

I think in a way this can be good for non-casual game developers (and of course for customers)… but of course can be troublesome for those who are (1) making casual games and (2) mainly selling their games via portals.

Don’t know where this will settle in a long run.

Your thought – good or bad?

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Could be, could be… although some fellow developers have reported pretty big sales figures (and BFG also in public press releases), so I guess sales are still very important to them.

  2. Maybe BigFish is earning enough money with ads, so they don’t need to sell games anymore. They win, developers lose.

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