Mini-game #3: Very Long Castle

It’s time for my 3rd almost-weekly game. Today I took a bit of time aside (3 hours to be exact) and went along with my running game concept. (Warning: don’t break your keyboard…). It has cool music, cool art, a cool guy – and all come with a cool “surprising” twist in the end…

Download: verylongcastle.zip (1.5 megs)

You need to tap LEFT KEY and then RIGHT KEY, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT etc. to make the guy. The faster you tap, the faster the guy goes (don’t kill your keyboard by the way).

The art & music were not done by me (credits below), but it didn’t take much to mess around with the art palette. It’s pretty cool what it can do for a game to get a bit of real art, music… and to add some “witty comments” too.

Sean Howard / Squidi.net

The artwork is licensed under a Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Tim / Indiepath

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Jake: Man, I got 176 secs…

    The page actually exists, and it worked fine *on my end*. It was unpublished (do’h), so that’s why nobody else could see it. Anyway – published the page now.

    @MaurĂ­cio: :)

    @Sam & Janette: Thanks for testing it out, and taking time to comment.

  2. Well now I always thought a game had to be fun and require some skill to be called a game … Your music stops half way through, it doesn’t loop and then it tried to open a page with a dead link …
    3 hours is not bad for writing a little “game” and I use the word “game” loosely – but I think the key to any piece of software is – TEST IT!
    You know over yonder at Big Fish Games where people play things like hidden object – which is almost as much fun as this little ditty you wrote – they all complain of arthritis in their hands … I guess they won’t like this one then.

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