Selling (Portal) Games At $6.99 Seems Good… (Perhaps)

Couple of days ago I posted the poll about Big Fish Games setting their game prices lower. The poll so far is indicating “hard to say”, as you can see here:

[poll id=7]

What’s interesting that from purely affiliate point-of-view, there has been a slight increase in sales. Nothing too huge, but overall there has been a slight spike in sales for the last few days. It can be true that the sales will get worse as time goes, but for a guy who is selling other people’s games in some portal this situation seems pretty good. Of course it might suck to have game selling at lower and lower prices, but for affiliate it seems quite beneficial (Big Fish Games affiliates still get that 25%+ cut from each sale – for lifetime).

Maybe it’s just me, but for affiliates this seems good.

…and if it seems good for affiliates, then perhaps it’s good for developers too? I realize that the best price needs to be tested, but for casual audience $6.99 might be some sort sweetspot. I don’t know – I haven’t sold via portals and don’t have personal stats (besides the BFG affiliate income) to prove anything. Just pretty much simply expressing my gut feeling here.

P.S. There’s been pretty heated discussion about lowering prices at the indiegamer boards. If you haven’t checked out that thread, you might wanna take a look at there.

Juuso Hietalahti