3DRT.com – Bookmark This Site For 3D Art Source

I’ve been using art by 3DRT in my Dead Wake project and today I accidentally spotted that they have made a new zombie pack available. I immediately thought that this style is really good for my own game and decided to buy the pack.

They have huge variety of 3d models for games available, and I’ve always got friendly replies to anything I’ve asked from them. Anyone into 3D (or anyone who wants to use animated models to render 2D) could benefit from bookmarking this site.

They come with indie friendly pricing (and their newsletter offers discounts too).

(I know that for my project, this new zombie art pretty late, but I thought that this looks much more of what I wanted so I decided to give this a go.)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yes it’s great having these packs available. But you need to build the art style of your game around them, otherwise there’s possibilties of content just looking like, ‘added content’. These zombies do look like they’d fit well in your Dead Wake game though, Juuso

  2. I always liked the style and pricing of 3drt but I’m not sure it’s in everyones taste. The models are very “indie-like and not very AAA” if you could use that expression. That does dictate what you can use them for and you also risk seeing a bunch of other games with the exact same graphics.

    Overall I am positive about this though and would love to actually have the time to make a game with any of these model packs :)

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