The “More The Same (But New)” Tactic – Battlefield 1943

I just heard about Battlefield 1943 (off-topic prediction: I bet battlefield1944.com, battlefield1945.com were immediately taken by some domainers…). It’s pretty interesting that I heard about it via twitter (and made a retweet) and it’s also interesting to see that there’s also the official BF 1943 twitter account. Big studios seem to be moving there too.


I loved Battlefield 1942. At one point it was almost like the greatest game ever. I played it a lot and enjoyed it a lot. Now I watched the Battlefield 1943 youtube video (see below) and the most obvious thing is that I can see loads of “same stuff”. I suspect there will be new stuff as well, and this probably is the proper way to go on. After all, people want “familiar but new stuff”.

(off-topic, I’m so changing my website layout as soon after Dead Wake is out. This wide format is messing things)

From that video, you can see trees falling due explosions (which is a new feature compared to previous games they published), and (of course) they’ve updated the graphics. More the same, but also something new. That’s pretty “easy” (and working) tactic indeed.

Don’t know how good the game will be, but I’ll be checking out it at some point.

Juuso Hietalahti

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