Anyone Into Board Games?

I’ve become a fan of board games (as I’ve mentioned a few times). I think board games can be a great way to learn game design since they are often mainly about the gameplay mechanisms (especially so called “eurogames” with not so strong themes). I think every aspiring game designer should really learn as much as possible from board games – they can bring really good pointers on what to do with your computer game design.

Do you play board games to learn game design?

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I kind of put card & board games into the same category. Card games are cool.

  2. I would vote for Jim’s idea as well ;)

    And of course dont forget to look at other media/things in life for inspirations so you dont get tunnelvisioned:D Systems/patterns are everywhere ;)

    What about card games Juuso? I love them perhaps even more I think since they are more basic/raw as most boardgames.

  3. Last year I gave a talk at the IMGDC about how good designers take inspiration from everywhere. Game designers should really experience different types of games, and good ones should be able to take ideas from other media to improve their own work.

  4. What about the option for “I play board games for both fun and tips & ideas?! :)

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