“Cheap, But Good!” (Yeah, Right)

Yesterday I got a pretty interesting pizza flier ad. The ad said “all pizzas 2.99 eur (3 ingredients, you need to fetch them home)”. Normal (similar) pizzas cost around 5-7 euros here (in Jyvaskyla, pizzas are pretty cheap by the way – there’s so many pizza bakeries here).

I was thinking that if pizza costs like 3 euros. And then there’s some sort of VAT (maybe close to 8% or something since it’s takeaway). That leaves 2.70 profit. Then there’s the salary of the pizza baker. And the building rent. Certainly those must account to some “eur per pizza”. And… we haven’t got into the ingredients yet. If there’s ham, chicken, tomatoes (for example) in that pizza – how much those ingredients can cost?

And, do they need to make some sort of profit per pizza?

With all this in mind, I just thought “whadda heck are they putting in those pizzas?”

“Cheap, but good” doesn’t really exist.

(“Indie friendly pricing” is of course a different story… right?)

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Juuso Hietalahti


  1. …uhh, 70% would buy pizzas. My stomach hurts for just the thought of that…

  2. I am ;) as long as it tastes good. I don’t care if its artificial junkfood as long as I like the taste and fills my belly. (of course we need some vitamins and vegies as well from time to time ;p)

  3. Conclusion: people are willing to eat anything – made from anything. :)

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