Cool New Ways to Play Games (Videos From E3 09)

PlayStation 3 motion controller demo:

Lionhead Milo Project:

Microsoft “Project Natal”:

Yes I know, widescreen is messing the site layout. Don’t worry, I’ll fix that before the next ice age..

Looking forward to seeing any of these in some real game (maybe in year 2016?)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Bottom line, this video’s purpose seem to be pure hype.
    It doesn’t tell anything about what new technologies microsoft has discovered. It doesn’t tell you almost anything about the capabilities of what they presented.
    Because they want you to assume what they achieved, without them telling you that.
    Most likely, many of the things there are scripted.
    I don’t believe they were able to create a sentient being inside their XBOX.

  2. By not perfect it could mean you have to put your face directly in front of the camera, makes sure the room lighting is specific, and have at least 3 or 4 attempts before it recognize you.
    My big question is, what is the new technology?
    This is a video ment for the wide audience.
    It is not an academic article specifing the new advances microsoft has suddenly made in several fields.
    An advancement labs and universities all over the world are toiling to achieve.
    The best I can think of is that they have bought technologies from some research projects in universities.
    But since as far as I know, no one has achieved good, commercial use, face recognition. I would be surprised MS has achieved this, in their secret lab, without anyone on the academy knows about it.

  3. Well they never said it was *perfect* right? ;)

    I think Project Natal is a great R&D project and would love to see what comes out of it. I won’t be stoked about the games most likely (seeing I dislike most Wii tech games anyway) but the technology is really cool :).

  4. Well, let me rephrase that.
    I doubt MS brought anything new or revolutionary to the face recognition field.
    There are face recognition methods, though they all have their own limitations.

  5. I really doubt that MS solved the face recognition problem. I can find out about it, because I work in this field.
    But maybe I am uninformed.
    The problem is very complex.

  6. Yeh, MS video has a line: “Product vision: actual features and functionality may vary.” They are good at hype ;)
    Anyway – maybe at some point…

    I personally think that the Sony’s PS3 thing seemed pretty slick. I suppose it’s close to Wii (without wiimote), but still… it reacted really well to the movement.

  7. all this is meshing together slowly. but the natal project smelled bad. the presentation is incredibly stiff, happy stupid grins all round. arrrg or maybe it was satire. probably not.
    how the usability for these things really works out and how annoying it will be when they bug at you will at last be found out.
    As for skepticism on milo, im sure if you throw the sort of resources together that people have been working on for decades something will also start emerging. again most of what anybody does will fly right by but you have to take the same attitude as with the old textbased games, learn the verbs. Can imagine ‘go play with milo’ being a household world for some kids…

  8. Ya! That is so great! I have a good feeling about this. I am wondering how long it will take before game developers release real games with these technologies. It looks ready, but we don’t know the costs associated with this. At the moment it does not look like for Indies. May be in few years I hope.

  9. Hasn’t MS been working on this facial recognition stuff for ages now? I remember reading about it back in the Windows 95 days, that future OSs by MS would read your facial expressions to better understand you and what you are trying to do, etc. Seems like this might be them finally putting some of those many years of research to use. (Not that I believe everything we see here is real or full working yet)

  10. This truly looks like science fiction.
    The ps3 controller looks cool and real enough.
    But I can’t believe milo is what they pretend him/it to be.
    First of all, there is face recognition. Its a problem on its own that havn’t been solved yet completly. So I doubt milo can fuly recognize people.
    Then there is the problem of making milo speak.
    Can he make up sentences? does he know grammar? or are his lines are at least partially scripted?
    They present it as if they have created a sentient being inside the XBOX, but I think it just looks fancy, and there is no much future technoligy in it.
    The body motion capture seems feasible, thought they probably don’t mention that it has its limitations, and present it as if they can capture the tiniest details of the body.

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