I’ve Never Seen Players Whine This Much Over a Sequel

Left 4 Dead 2 is coming (trailer below). It’s pretty usual for companies to bring sequels (or expansion packs). Well, one Left 4 Dead community wasn’t too happy about this announcement. Check out that thread (but be warned, the language used there is like at least K38).

I don’t know how the L4D II will be like, so at this point I don’t know how different the sequel is going to be – but there’s some point in the fact that people think “this feels like an expansion pack”. (Tip: This is something for developers to think about when doing “sequels”.)

I look forward to seeing this game in action. Left 4 Dead (I) was one of the best action multiplayer games I’ve played, so looking forward to see if they have new tricks in their sleeves.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. When i saw the first L4D, it really felt like a $30 game being sold $60 (few enemies, few weapons, outdated graphics, only 4 short campaign). It really was somewhat of a ripoff at first (thanks to the numerous updates, its better now).

    But a complete new 4 for basically 4 new levels and melee attacks…

    and the worst is that the game will probably sell millions again, giving an other reason to stop making well developed games (bethesda, Bioware, Squaresoft) and just make awful 6 months development work (popcap, Treyarch, all Wii games or so and all awful Steam games that aren’t games).

  2. I must say this suprised me as well. Its one of their newest games/franchises and already is given a sequel. One thing I do understand from all the commotion is that it fragments the player base of people that play L4D and L4D2 which is kinda crappy.

    I don’t understand why they dont keep up with updates like TF2, or otherwise release DLC/Expansion on L4D1.

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