Are You Proud Of Your Game?

I can say ‘yes’ for my part (even though the game isn’t released yet).

What you guys feel about your game? Are you proud of it? Proud of making it?

I think we all should be proud of the stuff we do (or do the stuff we would be proud of).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Karja
    That’s exactly how I feel about my games. Gameplay is great but the graphics could be a lot better. However, with a non-existing development budget it’s impossible to hire a graphics artist, professional or otherwise.
    So I do without because the game must go on.

  2. I can’t say that I’m very proud of my games. Proud of what I’m accomplishing as a single developer with a small budget, yes, but not proud when I look at the games objectively.

    Budget constraints often “force” me to change the design a lot, so I’m well aware that the games could be better. It’s hard to feel proud when I know that I could have done better.

  3. To make something just for fun but still to have a burning ambition to make something – a toy that children could use for years to come – is my dream. we are also collecting music and graphic arts from a wide spread of old mates on this session (unnamed game) but it’s really helping all kinds of artists to remember that there’s more out there than just what they happen to be doing atm. We’ see how it goes, but anyhoo in my book love == pride

  4. I’m totally proud. I quit my job to do this and I’ve learned so much so far. It’s our team’s first game together. We are both really happy to follow what we really wanted. The game itself im pretty happy with.

  5. I finished a game a week ago (after more than a year). Although some things didn’t turn out as I intended, I stil consider it a pretty decent achievement. So yes, I’m proud of it!

  6. I am proud – even though my game only exists in my head ;-)

  7. Surely we are. And that’s the source of passions and enthusiasm.

  8. How could someone not be proud of his game?… Seriously, there’s enough haters out there that are taking care of that without the need for us to join them.

  9. Yep, I’m proud of the way my current game is shaping up. It’s going to be my best one yet. Very creative and fun and awesome quality. It’s going to define a new casual genre.

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