Downloading: 13% Done, 6 Hours to Go…

I wonder if I should either (1) get faster network connection or (2) blame for the fact that game file sizes have gone way too high…

…maybe I just (3) patiently wait.

What’s kind of Internet connection you have? (Download speed)

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Hint, if you want to test your Internet connection speed, try – they have nice systems for testing your connection.

5 thoughts on “Downloading: 13% Done, 6 Hours to Go…

  1. Pretty amazing, almost 60% has got faster than 8 meg connections.


    (I guess the audience is mainly developers, but still)

  2. Hmm, pick 2 or 8 meg then… ;)

  3. There’s no selection for 4MBits/s…

  4. Assassin’s Creed

  5. CaesarsGhost

    what game is this?