SoPCON I – Meet Fellow Indie Developers (Event Takes Place In Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-12 July 2009)

Today I was informed about The First SoPCON (for indie developers). It takes place in Sweden so especially Nordic people (hey, that includes me too) should take a look at it.

This is taken directly from their website:

As every game developer with self respect has their own conference we’re happy to announce SoPCON 1!

Spell of Play Studios has been active as an indie game studio since 2004 and using our own digital distribution platform hUb and our unique view on game development we have slowly but surely built a vibrant community of gamers and developers.

We now want more developers and partners to join us to increase the breadth and quality of the games released on hUb.

SoPCON 1 is the place to meet us and other developers for some gaming, jamming and ranting.

When and Where

Gothenburg, Sweden, 11-12 July 2009.


A limited number of invitations have been sent out to a select few developers. If you have not got one you are free to contact us at; sopcon1@spellofplay.com, and tell us who you are.

No, though you have to arrange your own meals and accommodation.

More Info

Contact us at sopcon1@spellofplay.com or make a post in the SoPCON forum


Would you like your company exposed on SoPCON? Feel free to contact us for any marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities.

I’ll skip the event (gonna be out-of-town, out-of-computer, out-of-whatnot that time), but in case you got interested, check it out. Here’s the link again: Spell of Play

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. Hey, thanks for spreading this Juuso!

    We’re looking forward to a small but creative event.

    If you’re thinking of attending feel free to send a mail to the above adress! Do tell that you saw it on GameProducer.net so I’ll know who you are :)

    There is a very limited number of developers we can host so do hurry as they are filling up rapidly!

    Currently there are individuals coming from all over the Swedish gaming industry including Dice, StarVault and others!

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