How Much Have You Paid For a Game?

Let’s see if figures match… what’s the biggest amount of money you’ve ever paid for a game? (Either by monthly subscription or lump sum or something).

What was the cost of the most expensive game you've ever bought?

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I know this isn’t exactly scientific thing, but pretty interesting anyway.

8 thoughts on “How Much Have You Paid For a Game?

  1. RampantCoyote

    Let’s see… EverQuest ($50 I think) + something like six expansions at around $30 each ($180 total) + 5 years of playing at an average of $12 / month I think ( $720) = almost $1000.

    And my wife played, too…..

  2. Cray

    Over $2000. MMO, had a bunch of multi-accounts back before chinese farmers got into those

    Was making my living playing it at the time. Still amazed 8 years later that there’s people who’d happily pay $30/hr to have you run through a quest with them

  3. Sargon

    I am not sure prices are the same over here and in the US, for instance. But I voted considering prices over here.

  4. Tobias Scheuer

    Just asking for the max might be misleading… for me, the average I paid for games is surely closer to 10€ than 20€, but I bought some expensive full versions right when they came out, well, very few only. Like Spore recently, or Thief II years ago.

  5. Jurrie

    depending on the exchange rate ;-) but would be nice to have this in Euro’s as well.

    It is interesting to see how people perceive prices of gaming, as i remember the cartridge times and the large boxes (Kings QuestV with 5 or 6 floppy disks for large sums!)

    these days gaming is very affordable and a huge range – my kids have no idea what privilege they have :-)


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