How Not To Handle Discounts

There’s a nationwide game discount campaign going on at the Finland (peliale.fi). It’s pretty cool, but there’s one thing somebody messed up.

When you are having a huge discount campaign, it would make sense to actually supply the items

(This was taken from the konsolinet.fi – neat Finnish store by the way – and the red text after these games says “temporarily unavailable – more coming in 5-10 days”)

Of course with digital distribution things are better (as long as the servers are online).

Juuso Hietalahti

One Comment

  1. I was looking for a microphone to buy the other day.
    I found some good web shop and ordered it, only to find out later that they called me to say the item is unavailable, and I should call them back.
    I would think that on the digital age, it won’t be so complicated to update the web shop so I won’t be able to buy items which are unavailable.
    I didn’t call them back, by the way.

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