Get Free Publicity For Your Game (Maybe. Kind Of. Need Twitter Account By The Way)

I’ve been testing Twitter for some time now, and have been wondering how to use it for business purposes. Here’s one idea I got.

I took a bit of time and programmed a small experimental system to promote games. The service is located at http://gamestweet.net/. The simple idea of this site is to pull any game tweets from Twitter that contain the link http://gamestweet.net/ in the tweet.

Developers can Tweet about their games. These game tweets are shown at http://gamestweet.net/. More people will go check out the site. People will get totally excited about new cool games and will go download and buy them. Spending tons of money.

The system works so that you just need a Twitter account (like I do) and tweet something game related (possibly with your game link or something) that contains link to http://gamestweet.net/.

Go check it out and tell your friends, m’kay?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. 1. Yep.
    2. Yep.
    3. Dunno. We’ll see. (there could be rating systems by users, “hot tweets” and all sorts of funky stuff to bring most interesting news items on top – I suppose it naturally happens when people retweet certain games tweets… ;)

  2. Cool idea but isn’t it also easily open to spam and unrelated twits?

    1. I mean, couldn’t any twitter user post unrelated news?

    2. Could the system be improved so that only registrered indie developers got their message through?

    3. Even if it’s only from game developers won’t it be a mess since there would just be too many messages?

    I don’t use twitter so my questions might be completely wierd :)

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