Are Movies Messing With Your Brain?

They sure do that for me. Let’s pose a question: after seeing your favorite movie starring your favorite character, do you ever feel like you’d want to play a game and control the character you saw in the movie?

Like, after seeing Lords of The Rings you feel an urge to play as Gandalf (or say “run you fools” to your friends) or something like that. I bet you do. At least sometimes.

Well, I’m like that.

I know that rationally that makes no much sense. I wanna be me. I don’t really care how some long wood creature called Treebeard lives, but after seeing Treebeard in the movie, I start talking to my dogs with that funny voice. When I do that, the dogs look at me as oddly as you think of me now.


It’s kind of strange how seeing things affects on our (well, mine at least) mind to experience things. Logically speaking, even though Battlestar’s Adama is a cool leader in my opinion, it doesn’t really make no sense to why I choose Adama in the board game version. After all, the only Adama in game is depicted in the character card, with some special skills listed. For strategic purposes, I could equally well pick some other character – but I wanna pick Adama.

Choosing Adama as my character, doesn’t make me Adama, but somehow I’ve always felt some sort of cool feeling for roleplaying things. When we played ice hockey as kids, we were roleplaying Teemu Selänne. When we played war outdoors, we were shooting Terminators and stuff.

Maybe it’s not the movies that mess up things. Maybe it’s just our brain that creates us a feeling that brings something more into experiencing games. Something that games cannot provide inside. Something that we must choose to put in to games.

Maybe we just need to give ourselves to act childish sometimes, and really enjoy playing games?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I am not alone :)

    To vividly imagine my fantasies, and make them almost real, is a big help in the path to create the games and stories I dream about.

    The abilities we loose (as Lumooja points out) when we grow up can be regained and amplified. And used correctly it brings alive fantastic movies, books and games.

    I would say that every great creative mind ignores the degenerative state of mind as many adults tend to choose, and uses the creative force of the child (i.e. curious and limitless) with the power of experience (as you get by getting older).

    Give in to the child within, but use your adult mind to guide it!

  2. Hmm, well, I remember in the first games with “speech”, when the sound cards were starting to appear, I used to recite all kind of things in games.
    Such as reciting what the guardian said in ultima7 or reciting all sort of things said in wolfenstein.
    Regarding movies, movies have a great effect on our minds and shaping society.
    Its more in a subconcious level, and I think its different than what you ment, but its related.
    Think of all the commercials you might see on TV or before a movie. Why companies pay a lot of money for air time for commercials?
    Because those commercials have a great effect on our minds and subconciousness.
    I don’t want to start even talking about what movies and commercials do to our body image, to the way think about money, happiness and how they shape people.
    Its all related, but I think you have just touched the tip of the ice berg on a subject that is much wider and many times people are unaware of its existance.

  3. Yes, think of it deeper. A child has abilities which adults often forget or deliberately supress. It’s not very professional if an adult has less abilities and freedom than a child. A real power human can do everything.

  4. Doesn’t every every baby and young kid do the same?
    You do something, or they see something, and immediately they want to do it too!

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