Not Gonna Release My Game Before Summer Vacation

Half a year ago, I had a goal to get Dead Wake out in the end of February (or at March). In March, I had a goal to get it out in June. Deadlines, deadlines.

I can see that this is quite expensive to keep in developing, but overall I feel it’s still been good this way: I don’t want to release something I wouldn’t feel proud of. I made some really good progress in June, and tackled almost all the items in my Dead Wake task list. I haven’t release the game, since some things happened:

  • I experienced on major bug (I wrote about it), but eventually got it sorted (it was crazy collision issue, and it’s still bit unclear what exactly cause it – but it’s fixed, and I know what line of code did it, so I’m fine with that). This caused a couple of weeks delay in my progress.
  • Feature creepish thing in me sneaked in: I added some new things that I think will make the game better (ranging from new type of zombies to different weapon handling and reloading and perks and stuff).
  • It’s too near holidays…
  • …and I still need some things done.

So basically, I think I might have been able to get some sort of sellable version out if there had been the collision issue and if I had not choose to do some additional features. Maybe.

I still have some grand plans about the level system which I need to do, but I keep reminding myself about what I’m doing here – and that it’s too easy to add “just one new idea” in the game, but you gotta remember how long you plan to work on the game.

The game is not finished: there’s still some key tasks that need to be done. I want to feel proud about the game I’m released, and not want to try rush it. I’ve planned to take some break in July and spend less time on computer (recharge batteries for the whole year), relax and do sunny holiday stuff. I’ll work on the game a bit on July, but will continue full charge right in the beginning of August.

I actually pondered whether I should try to do the release in the end of June as I planned, but then I remembered a piece of advice I once gave to friend of mine. He was preparing to get on a holiday and asked if he should release something a week before the holidays.

I said: “You’ll ruin your holiday if you release now”.

He agreed instantly.

So do I.

Juuso Hietalahti

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  1. I’ve given up on the idea of setting dates for my game. As while I’m bringing in cashflow doing unpredictable contract work, it’s near impossible to know when I’ll have time to work on the project.
    Although I do still set dates for myself, I’m now telling everyone else “it’ll be done when it’s done”.

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