I Want to Follow You On Twitter

I’ve been messing with Twitter for some time, and now I’d be interested to follow more interesting people. I already sent an email to my mailing list that I want to follow more people. Now, I’m doing the same thing here on my blog – I’m genuinely interested about you blog readers, and want to see if Twitter can help us communicate somehow. (No idea what will happen next though).

My twitter account is: www.twitter.com/gameproducer/.

In case you’d want me to follow you, please reply me (@gameproducer) or email me (or even post a comment here on this blog entry) so that I can add you to my Twitter network.

Update: Small note, you actually must be doing something game/business related. In English.

11 thoughts on “I Want to Follow You On Twitter

  1. Juuso Post author

    @CaesarsGhost: Hell no :)

    I have zero plans to replace my Blog with Twitter. I don’t even see that as a possibility. Twitter lacks so many crucial things that my blog has: domain name (I own it, twitter “owns” my twitter account), long posts (twitter 140 chars only), easy comments (anybody can comment these posts, whether they have twitter or not).

    I repeat: my blog is here to stay.

    The reason I’m biting the dust is to see if there’s gold dust hidden there ;)

    I wanna throughly test and see what twitter is about, and how things work. I thought that the easiest way to start following people is to ask you guys… since you read this :)

    @psycho: I want to say that I don’t know yet what I will make of twitter (if anything). My “blind following” is actually “blindish game developer following” and I want to see what happens when there’s a bigger group.

    I’m testing stuff.

  2. CaesarsGhost

    another one bites the dust

    Now you’ll be replacing your blog with tweets… I complained to one of my favorite game companies for replacing their normal blogs with tweets. I blocked twitter from my place of employment and there was an uproar (also a rise in productivity).

    Personally? I hate twitter.

  3. psycho

    See this: http://tedchris.posterous.com/9-tips-for-new-twitter-users

    I especially like one of the comments:

    “Neill Watson said…
    My tip is about following.
    Don’t embark on a quest to just build followers by volume. Think of them in the same way as an opt-in emaIl list of contacts you value and don’t use the automated tools out there.
    I want people to follow me who are genuinely interested in me, my business and the industry I work in, not just someone looking to add to their tally and build a cool looking big number.
    That way, my follow list becomes useful to others looking to see who is on my Twitter page and adds value.”


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