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In many companies, it’s summer holiday time. Here’s one interesting phenomenon to watch: how eagerly are employees wanting to start their holidays?

Hopefully this blog post doesn’t make anybody paranoid, but couldn’t it be a bad sign, if all the people in the company “can’t wait to start their holidays”.

If people really, really are doing what they love and have a job in their dream company – why would they be cheering out loud (and thanking gods) for upcoming holidays? Could this mean that your company has hired the wrong people? Is the work atmosphere bad?

Or… is it just so that people really enjoy working, but they gotta take some time off and get some energy – and cheer for the fact that after holidays, they will be even more motivated to work.


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work so that I can make progress on my game. The cool thing is whilst I’ve been on holiday the last 3 weeks, my game has been moving forward via the other team members. I can’t wait to see what they have done…

  2. @Juuso: Yeah, that’s true. :)

    My current employer handles that pretty nicely.. whenever we have a problem or frustration we can come to him to present the problem and offer a solution. He DEMANDS we come to him and he thanks us for it. I guess his thinking is “better make it easy for them to tell me in the face than behind my back”.

  3. I don’t think holidays is the best for the test. Different people has differents motivations for those days. Some spend that time just sleeping more and watching TV. These people might not be looknig for holidays.
    Some other people like to travel, visit family, etc.in those days, the totally can’t wait those days.
    I think should be more accurated how ppl wait the end of every working day. If they try to go out office even when it’s rainy. Important notice if that is one day or always, because one day they could be in really hurry.
    Personally, I work some hours to enjoy the rest of the day. More hours means more money, but then there are less hours for enjoy what you earn.

  4. @Oliver: Aye. That’s of course true. I guess it depends how people phrase it. I guess comments like “amazing to get to spend time with the family” are somewhat different from saying: “thank god I can go far away from this office”.

    Like Jörgen put it.

  5. As long as that is the argument, I too often hear: “How nice it is to be away from here”.

    I think people tend to focus more on what they don’t want, than on what they really want. Or need.

  6. Holidays mean more time with family and friends. Who wouldn’t be looking forward to that, despite how much you like your job?

  7. I do feel the same as we at our workplace have both kinds of attitudes.

    Of course people should be able to build up energy somewhere, but they should be able to do that more often then once a year during a couple of weeks.

    When people wants to be elsewhere, I think that is a sign of them not being able to grow where they stand. And unfortunatly many people think that it is a movement in space that gives a remedy; when the movement of the mind would suffice.

    Be creative and grow where you stand and the vacation are just a convenient way to do something else without affecting your deadlines :).

    My thoughts.

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