Twitter Brings Traffic, So It Seems

Today I spotted that 9.6% of my site traffic comes from Twitter. I presume many people use it to track blog posts (instead of RSS). Not sure how many retweets there are, but I’ve seen some guys doing this.

I’ve been testing Twitter for month or two, and I kind of have mixed feelings about it.

On the other hand I feel like it’s one bloody big swamp – a time sink if you want. Even the guys who have interesting stuff to say, they seem to also have some unrelated stuff I don’t want to hear about (how strange is that). Of course that’s natural, and it’s pretty easy to skip one unrelated comment. But when the same guys make more “useless tweets” versus “useful tweets”, it’s time to think whether to follow that guy or not.

It becomes some sort of signal versus noise challenge.

Anyway, it seems that Twitter indeed brings traffic.

And… sometimes there’s something pretty useful too (in fact – something surprisingly fun stuff, since all happens so fast there).

Still haven’t made up my mind about the service… but meanwhile follow me and send me a message there, and I’ll follow you (as long as you have game/business related stuff in English).

What’s your thoughts about Twitter now?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I wish twitter would increase my traffic. Of course I don’t have thousands of followers either, I’ve got about 200+

    Actually I’d like to increase my traffic at all… Before I stopped posting I had something like 150-200 views now it’s down to around 100. I have been operating since February, and then only last month slowed down and stopped. So I guess I’m still relatively new. Okay so about 5 months. Now I have to work hard to get it to what I had. Not to mention Indie games are still very niche and most of my traffic comes from other developers.

    I still need something to get my traffic way up, I just don’t know what it is.

    Twitter or Facebook is definately not helping though. (not hurting either)

  2. I always worry a bit that I’m getting old and I just don’t “get” some of the new social stuff. I haven’t fallen in love with Facebook or Twitter as others have. I don’t think it’s just because I’m a fuddy-duddy, but rather that I already have a few great ways to communicate with people, like my blog. If you read my (long-winded) blog posts, you can probably see why I’m not fond of Twitter.

    My experience with Twitter is largely the same. I found myself spending a lot of time reading the equivalent of “My cute kitty!” blog posts. I got most of the news I needed from blogs in my RSS reader. The brief nature of Twitter means things are immediate, but I also think it makes it easier to post up trivia, too. Nothing I read on Twitter was stuff I desparately needed to know before I read it on the blogs afterwards.

    Maybe for other industries where information gets stale faster, or where there are fewer bloggers, Twitter might be a bigger help. I just didn’t see it, myself.

  3. I use twitter as a way to quickly publish posts from my blog. Like you I am testing it, even though I have had my account for over a year. I also prefer it over RSS feeds because they are instant updates. Not to mention filtering for specific content. I use TweetDeck for desktop and iPhone as it allows me to sync any special filters between the two.

    As for useless tweets, it doesn’t bother me much as I don’t follow too many users but I do get a laugh from the few I do follow and I can skim over their tweets if need be.

  4. I’ve been on twitter about as long as you, and have the same mixed feelings. I have only stop following a couple people that tweet so much that it runs off the page, which in turn wastes more of my time scrolling to see other tweets . Otherwise, it’s still interesting most of the time :)

  5. I’m probably among the folks tweeting uninteresting stuff. The primary reason I use it at the moment is to catalog my Facebook statuses, but gradually it’s becoming just as useful for communicating progress on various projects. It’d be nice if there was an option to set a relevance level or something, or categories such as ‘general life’, ‘project’, ‘rant’, ‘link’ etc so followers could choose what stuff they actually want to know about.

  6. About the unrelated stuff-tweets… I just unfollow those people and setup a filter with the keywords instead. I then have 2 streams.. interesting people and interesting tweets. ;-)

    At my day job, Twitter is the second best source of targeted traffic.. right after Google. It’s amazing how viral a simple 140-character tweet can get.

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